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We are mobilizing the world’s two most powerful energy sources, the love of parents for their children and the incredible persuasive power of kids.  About 40% of the carbon we put in the air comes from household energy use, food, and transportation. Families everywhere are taking action to help the planet and ensure that our kids have a livable future. For mankind to take giant leaps, individuals must take small steps.


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Where to

Have a Talk

School’s across the country gather together hear from our Green Actioneers team. Talk with your family and school officials to begin your community’s journey to going green.

Get your Workbook

The Green Actioneers Workbook is a vital resource for families looking to go green. With over 108 actions to choose from, everyone can have fun while saving the planet.

Spread the word

Get your family, friends, and teachers on board so we can all build a green future to enjoy together. Share your progress on social media to track your Green Actioneer journey.

Support us on Indiegogo!

Take the first step to building a Green future for your family by supporting our new Green Actioneers Workbook. Check out and share our Indiegogo campaign to gain access to all 108 Actions, puzzles, coloring pages, and more!