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A perfect gift for any family!

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The Green Actioneers Workbook is a vital resource for families that want to save money and “go green.” With over 108 actions to choose from, everyone can have fun while saving the planet.

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Encourage other families to create a clean and green future for your school, community, state, country, and the World. Share your progress on social media to track your journey.


Your school/PTA can make $10 on every book that families buy In quarantine? Hold a Family Night on Zoom to let families know about the book. After quarantine? Hold Family Night in person (see page 4 of The Green Actioneers Workbook for instructions on starting your own program) 


a Green Future

We are mobilizing the world’s two most powerful energy sources, the love of parents for their children, and the incredible persuasive power of kids.  About 40% of the carbon we put in the air comes from household energy use, food, and transportation. Families everywhere can save energy, water, and money with the Green Actioneers Workbook. For mankind to take giant leaps, individuals must take small steps.

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We have organized all of our Green Actions into nine categories to help families navigate to sections most applicable to their capabilities. You’ll find helpful information whether you rent or own in the city, the suburbs, or the countryside. Click a category below to get started taking action for the planet! 

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