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glass is the right choice

Making the switch from using plastic to glass can be one of the most simple, yet effective actions you can take to benefit the planet and your family. Glass is durable, long lasting, and safe for your family. Plastic may seem like a cost effective solution, but eventually it will become warped and stained ending up in a landfill in the long run.  When you compare your options side by side, the choice is clear.



reusing glass jars

Glass jars are incredibly versatile, you can reuse them in infinite ways. You can start by buying food that is packaged in glass instead of plastic, then you can reuse the jars after for free! Reusing what we already have is the best option, even though glass is 100% recyclable. Get creative with your family by making bird feeders, candle lanterns, or planters out of your old glass jars.

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why make the switch to glass

It’s no secret that plastic is bad for the environment from the process of fracking production to plastic pollution. Though plastic bags and plastic containers have only been developed since the 1960s, the impact it’s made on planet is insane. Plastic pollution is a huge problem and plastic pollutants can be found everywhere on Earth, from the microplastics in the ocean, to the deepest depths of the ocean, to the side of roads. We bet you saw some sort of plastic pollution today. A better alternative than continuing the use of plastic is using glass. Some easy ways to replace plastic is switching from plastic Tupperware to glass, take your own bags shopping, buy products with less packaging, use glass water bottles or metal ones, etc.

Glass is Free of Toxic Chemicals

Glass won’t leach chemicals from the container to the contents. Plastics containers can contain phthalates, Bisphenol-A (BPA), BPS, and PVS; all of which can leak into your food. Phthalates can be linked to hormone disruptions, and reproductive harm in baby boys. BPA and BPS are linked to breast cancer, early puberty, and infertility. PVC is found in #3 plastics which are linked to cancer. Plastic causing unnatural chemicals to enter the body, using glass could prevent or limit exposure.

Glass is dishwasher safe

It’s easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about it melting from the heat of the drying cycle. In addition, glass will last longer because it doesn’t absorb smells and stains like plastic does.

Glass production is less taxing on the environment

The creation of plastic leeches harmful chemical pollutants into the air and waterways. Further, when people inevitably throw it out, it pollutes our environment and ends up killing wildlife. By using glass instead of plastic you are reducing greenhouse gas and carbon monoxide emissions, solid waste, energy, and water consumption.

Glass is 100% recyclable

Glass is easily sorted and can be recycled repeatedly to produce new products endlessly. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled a limited number of times due to lacking quality and purity through each recycling process it endures.

glass is multipurpose

Some common uses for glass in everyday life is for shopping in bulk, food storage, candles, and other organizational storage. Glass jars can maintain an airtight seal, making them perfect for storing food or to-go lunches! Check out some great DIY ways to re-purpose your used glass jars here!

saving money

Glass is easily sorted and can be recycled repeatedly to produce new products endlessly. Unlike plastic, which can only be recycled a limited number of times due to lacking quality and purity through each recycling process it endures.

gradually make the switch

The best part – it’s easy to start! Try out some crafts using old pasta sauce jars, or use them buy in bulk and reduce the amount of packaging you bring home from the grocery store. It can be as easy as buying the peanut butter that comes in glass instead of plastic, there is usually another option. Most of us have a few glass jars lying around the house as it is, start making a point to ditch plastic today. Plastic is incredibly harmful to wildlife, the planet, and your family. Whatever you do, no matter how small, it is a step in the right direction away from plastic.

Emanuela Torres-Marquis

Emanuela Torres-Marquis

Green Actioneers Intern
UCF Environmental Science Student

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