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Not all paper is recyclable and envelopes with plastic film or lining contaminate batches of recycling.


10 liters of water is needed to make one piece of A4 letter sized paper.

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93% of paper comes from trees, and it is estimated that junk mail destroys 100 million tears every year.


Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33 % of municipal waste.

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paying your bills online

Converting all your accounts to paperless billing can help you stay on track with all your payments and statements anywhere and at any time. Today, many companies and businesses give you the opportunity to make the switch to paperless billing, and it is free to do through your bank, independent providers, or through the official websites. Some credit companies and businesses even offer rewards or other incentives if you make the switch. All you need to do if you don’t have one already, is make your account and click on the paperless or online billing option. Making the switch is truly easy and convenient for anyone to make with the added benefit of being secured and protected. You will know your money is going to the right person or provider instantly. Not only does it reduce the clutter that piles up in your home, it also reduces the opportunity of lost or stolen mail with your sensitive data.

reassurance and security:

Banks and companies tend to mail monthly updates and statements with your personal information on it. These papers can contain your name, address, account number, and other personal information that can be lost or delayed in transit. In the worst case, it can end up in some else’s hands. Sometimes you don’t have the time to look through all your mail in time, if at all, and miss important information such as due dates, paperwork needed to update your account, and notices. With all your personal and account information on those papers that some else can easily steal your identity or money, commit fraud, open another account (i.e., credit card) in your name and much more. Changing to paperless billing can reduce the chances of this ever happening and keep your personal and account information safe and secure. You get instant email notifications if there are any changes done to your account. These notifications and alerts are optional and can also be sent through as a text, call, or as a push notification on apps.

payment process:

With paperless billing, you can even turn on the option to make monthly recurring or one-time electronic payments instead of sending your checks through mail or going in person to pay. This makes it easy to avoid late payment and therefore avoiding a fee and increased interest on your balance. It can minimize the chance of your money being stolen or lost in the mail, and sometimes (depending on the company/business), you can pick your due dates and the amount you want to pay monthly. You could also check to see all the purchases you have made and catch errors quickly at any time with the ability to see if your transaction has processed successfully. 

Here is an informational video detailing how to pay your bills online!

ability to monitor & accessibility:

It’s easy record keeping, and it allows for quick access to all your current and previous statements, history, balance, dues, etcetera. Monitor your accounts and payments from your phone, tablet, or computer anytime and anywhere through the official website or Apps, all you need is an email, username and password. Having physical statements tend to clutter your home and end up in the trash. It is hard to sort all your papers and statements when you most need it the most, but having it online reduces the time and stress of looking through everything. You can make it a one-time payment or have your bills be paid automatically each month.

Environmental impacts:

Help protect and conserve the environment through paperless and online billing. It can reduce the amount of paper waste in your home as well as reduce the pollution in the world. The production of paper leads to the destruction of forest. These forests play a major role in the environment, they are the source that brings and sustains life for many organisms. All your mail eventually ends up in the trash and it costs more money to buy stamps and envelopes if you plan to send back paperwork or money to the company or provider. Many businesses and companies send out countless paper statements and ads that sometimes we don’t even look at and eventually it all ends being disposed of. Companies nowadays reduce their own negative impact on the environment by sending out announcements, advertisements and other important information electronically. 

Emely Suarez

Emely Suarez

Green Actioneers Intern
UCF Interdisciplinary Studies: Commerce and Behavioral & Social Sciences Student
Leadership Studies Minor


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