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The use of bidets is currently popular worldwide except in North America. According to an article by CNN called “Why toilet paper belongs to America,” the author states that the average American uses 57 squares a day and 50 pounds of toilet paper per year. This comes to around $10 worth of toilet paper every month, $120 a person per year. How much is your family spending on toilet paper? Using a bidet would save you and your family money on toilet paper and would pay itself off with how much you’d save.

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facts about toilet paper

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bidet price points

under $100

For under $100, you’ll find attachments rather than full lid replacements. Attachments work great, and will still decrease your toilet paper usage.

under $250

If your price point is $250 and less, you will be able to find bidets with more features such as retractable and self-cleaning nozzles, not only attachments.

under $500

If you have the option of spending a little extra money on your bidet, you will find electric bidets and many more features. Be sure to pick one with an eco-mode!

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how bidets help the environment

bidets save trees

A major benefit to using a bidet is that they can reduce the amount of trees that need to be cut down to make toilet paper. It is estimated that a single tree can produce 100 pounds of toilet paper per year, which might not seem like a lot with the single American using around half of that in a year. You can figure out how much you’ve used in your lifetime by mulitplying 50 pounds by your age. Worldwide, it is said that around 27,000 trees a day are cut down just for the production of toilet paper, adding up to almost 10 million trees a year. That’s 10 million trees flushed down the toilet each year.

bidets save water

Bidets reduce water use. It requires around 12-37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of toilet paper depending on the brand, whereas a bidet only requires 1/8 gallon of water to clean and flush. In addition, the bleaching of toilet paper uses 235,000 tons of chlorine annually, polluting our local waterways. Bidets reduce waste production. And that is not even including the manufacturing and transportation waste.

are you ready to get a bidet?

Whether you’re buying recycled toilet paper or virgin paper it is bad for the environment and a bidet can greatly reduce the environmental impact of toilet paper. All of these factors contribute to unsustainable lifestyles and contribute to unhealthy climate change. Using a bidet saves you money on toilet paper and reduces the amount of waste you throw out.

Bidets can be found very easily at an appliance store or home improvement store. They vary in price based on features but can be found for as little as $250 and go up in price. Personally, I recommend the brand Toto based on their initiatives on their sustainable practices. 

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