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Your Step-by-Step Guide to “Going Green”

Green Actioneers Activity Book

Our book is unique because it appeals to both kids and parents. There are over 100 potential actions families can take to go green. Every two-page spread describes one action with the parents’ page on the left that tells briefly about some of the benefits of that action, and the kids’ page on the right with a coloring book and a crossword puzzle, or other challenges for older kids. The book will be bilingual in English and Spanish from the start.

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Three Families, one vision shared!

The Story

The story line follows three families, Bobby’s urban family living in an apartment and dependent on public transportation, Lakesha’s suburban family with a big house and three cars and Ken Chen’s rural family with a mini-farm on the urban fringe.  Their kids are all in the same classroom at Watson Elementary school and the book follows each of these families as they “go green.” Readers can follow the adventures of a family similar to their own, or select from all three.  Just for fun we have a “Where’s Waldo?”™ feature that kids will love.  Hidden in almost every picture in the book is one of our visiting space creatures, Kandou and Kantdou, who have been sent to Earth to observe humans and monitor our transformation.

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Over 60 University Interns

Professor Green & His Team

As you can see this book will be fun for the kids and we trust it will be equally engaging for the grownups.  “Mom, let’s do this one next” should be something parents hear all the time as kids help parents discover the pathway to a clean and green future that work for them.  This book has been “crowd-sourced” with the help of over over 60 interns in the sustainability program at University of Central Florida, and their Professor, Dr. Richard Plate. They helped with research and brought over 100 actions to life by writing extensive blogs, social media marketing, creating games and puzzles for every page, helping with Spanish translation and helping promote this campaign.

Green Actioneers Student Interns UCF
Green Actioneers Student Interns UCF
Green Actioneers Student Interns UCF
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