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How to learn to deliver the Green Actioneers program

  1. Watch these videos on the website in order.
  2. Get a Green Actioneers Activity Book and go through the first 25 pages thoroughly.
  3. Starting in Fall 2021 you can attend our Zoom class on Sunday nights at 7 where Dave Finnigan will review the program and answer questions about how to get scheduled, how to deliver the program, and how to insure continuation. You can even go to a breakout room and meet local colleagues.

1 .

Introduction to Green Actioneers during the pandemic

2 .

Green Actioneers Overview

3 .

Green Actioneers Teachers Meeting

4 .

Presenting Grade level classes

5 .

All school assembly at the end of the day

6 .

Family Night

7 .

Continuing the program in your school and community

8 .

Starting a Green Actioneers Program on your own

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