About Us

Our Inspiration

Here at Green Actioneers, we believe that kids deserve a green future. This compelled us to create “The Green Actioneers Family Action Guide: The Definitive Guide to “Going Green,” Saving Money, and Saving Our Planet.”  A collection of passionate University of Central Florida interns has worked to create this family road map to save energy, water, money and, ultimately, the Earth.  We look forward to becoming the ultimate resource for families who want to go green.

Our ​ Goals



We don’t say “Here’s how bad it could be if we did everything wrong.” We say “Here’s how great it will be when we do everything right!”



We’re providing a generation of kids with the power to help the planet. Family actions have lasting impact, change starts with you!



The classroom prepares students to take on the world. We strive to fill the gap in education so kids can grow up with the green future they deserve.



An extra bonus to going green! Helping the planet saves families money that can be invested back into kid’s education and well being.

AN Overview


Meet the Team

Dave Finnigan

Dave Finnigan, MPH, worked from 1966-1976 helping design and implement National Family Planning programs for Korea and Taiwan that dropped average family size from six children to under two in a generation. Next Dave created a one-day instructional program for schools, Juggling for Success, personally teaching recreational juggling to over 1,000,000 students, teachers and parents in 2,000 schools in 46 states. Recently Dave developed and tested his one-day Green Actioneers program in 26 schools in 6 states, but he felt he was leaving the families without a roadmap to success. The Green Actioneers Activity Book and website are designed to provide that roadmap on their own or together with Dave’s one-day school program, delivered by a trained presenter or a teacher.

The Students

Green Actioneers has been propelled with the help of over 60 student interns from the University of Central Florida. These impassioned interns wrote in depth articles about each green action, created exciting puzzle games for kids, and spread the word with social media.  The dedication of our interns has been vital to Green Actioneers and we value students of all ages input. Contact us if you would like to become a student intern to help make a difference for people and the planet!


Taking action is made easier for families thanks for the support of our green industry partners. Green Actioneers has collaborated with solar installation companies and electric vehicle dealers to provide significant rebates for participating schools. This allows families to get discounts on green purchases, and continue to save money by reducing their utility bills.  Our partners are contributing to families ability to provide a green future for their children.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Richard Plate from the University of Central Florida for his continued support and acquisition of passionate student interns.

Become a Green Actioneer

Becoming a Green Actioneer is as simple as taking the first step. Pick up your Green Actioneer Activity Book and choose an action to begin your journey to help the planet. All of our actions are organized with cost and lifestyle in mind so everyone can join in the fun. Challenge yourself, family, and friends to go through the list one-by-one until you become a full fledged Green Actioneer!


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Telling The Story

The book follows the stories of three children at Watson Elementary School on their unique journeys going green with the help of Professor Green. Aliens named Kandou and Kantdou from MOUGA (Make Our Universe Green Again) follow along to watch the Green Actioneer students save the planet.  We provide tips for an urban family living in an apartment dependent on public transportation, a suburban family in a house with multiple cars, and a rural family with a mini-farm. Readers can follow the adventures of a family similar to their own, or select actions from all three that apply to their life. Learn with Bobby, Lakesha, and Ken as each family works together to save the planet and become a Green Actioneer!

How it's Organized

Our Activity Book is unique because it appeals to both kids and parents, with over 100 actions families can take together to go green.  With 250 pages, every action has a dedicated two page spread in the workbook. The left side is a parent’s page with a brief description of the action accompanied by the included benefits. On the right is a kid’s page with a coloring activity, engaging puzzles, and fun challenges for older kids.  The book features  English and Spanish translations so bilingual learners can join in the fun. Every action will feature a link to our website for more detailed information to get started.

Why print?

Schools rely on books for teaching students, and our focus is to be the source of green curriculum in elementary schools. In fact, Green Actioneers began as a school program and we strive to continue engaging schools to go green. To alleviate the impact of printing books, we print on recycled paper with soy based ink. We have even included fun coloring activities for kids, which has limited the amount of ink used in printing. We feel that the benefits of becoming a Green Actioneer with the help of our Activity Book far outweigh the environmental costs of printing and distribution. 

The School Program

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What is the program?

Empower your community with knowledge, action, and a whole lot of fun at our elementary school family night presentations. Bring your entire school together, children and parents, to take action for our future. Our founder, Dave Finnigan has provided families the tools to go green with presentations to schools across the country for over a decade. Schools pay for the program, and keep 50% of the Activity Book sales while receiving significant rebates from a variety of “green” vendors like Solar installers and electric vehicle dealers.

Professor Green Visits your school
Dave Finnigan or one of our trained presenters can personally visit your school for a live family night presentation empowering your school to go green. We’ll bring Activity Books for families to get started, and half of the proceeds from all book sales at family night go back into the school to support green initiatives. The student taking action to reduce their carbon footprint the most will get to wear the infamous Green Actioneers cape! Contact us for scheduling and pricing information to get your school involved.
How to become professor Green

We offer training materials for those looking to become a presenter for the Green Actioneers school program. This includes shadowing the founder of Green Actioneers, Dave Finnigan, while he presents to a live school audience at family night. This is followed by a one-on-one session to review the entire program before becoming certified. Once you have mastered presenting, next steps can be discussed to work independently or join the team.

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